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Hiker97 at aol.com Hiker97 at aol.com
Sun May 27 09:26:59 CDT 2007

_asabat at cox.net_ (mailto:asabat at cox.net)  writes: I really  don't see how 
this would work accurately on the trail. On city
trails where  the pole swing is consistent it might work. But on the trail, 
my pole swing  varies greatly. On flat trail I'm moving fairly quickly and 
using my pole every  other step. On the steeper up hills I move my pole every 
step, and those steps  are much smaller. Still, an interesting product.
I don't have any of those problems.  I only hike on  trails that are flat and 
at an air temperature between 60-70 degrees with  intermittent cloud cover.  
I thank you.
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