[pct-l] In the Mountains, Not Over the Hill

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Sun May 27 08:29:09 CDT 2007

R_einholdmetzger at cox.net_ (mailto:Reinholdmetzger at cox.net)   writes: Say, how 
much are the networks paying you and Ed for the broadcasting  rights?  There 
should be big bucks in this and since you and Ed are getting  "OLD",  this 
could be a nice retirement package.  And I know at your  age, old age security 
weighs heavily on your mind.
Actually, the Mt. Humphrey expedition will be on  Pay-for-View.  We expect to 
make big bucks off this adventure.  We  have a ER nurse going with us too.  
She will make sure we are safe and will  have the appropriate gear to revive us 
if necessary.  This will be  Can'tQuit out of Phoenix who is working on her 
PhD.  We might make a good  field study for her dissertation and become famous 
that way too.  
MeadowsEd and I are not old.  We are mature  adventurers.  And there will be 
an After Action Report of this death  defying feat on one of the great 
mountains of the Western  Hemisphere.
Switchback the Mature

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