[pct-l] Sensationalist

Matt Geis mgeis at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 5 12:18:24 CDT 2006

    How is it you can so easily make such a sweeping statement, like "as far as anyone knows..." ?

Most information on his site is available on other sites, and you're suggesting...what?  That he take his site down?  Hey, most info on other sites is available on this list, so maybe we should get rid of them too.

I once replied point-by-point to an email of his (I won't bring up the topic again, because I'd only end up misrepresenting his point of view), refuting nearly every point.  HOWEVER, he earned the right to make those points by logging nearly a couple thousand miles in 2002.  I saw him there.  I was there.  Were you, Carl?

(I'm waiting for "as far as anyone knows, Iron Chef has never even been on the PCT")

I completely disagree with Scott on more than a few points, but he contributes to this forum, and in my opinion has logged enough time on the trail to not have to put up with somebody, out of nothing but sheer ignorance, putting him down and making false statements about him.

Iron Chef

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