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Tue Sep 5 12:13:50 CDT 2006

delnorteresort writes:

What  drives you to deny the rest of us the experience you enjoyed when you  
started the trail so many years ago?

Well, wise one, here is the answer to your arrogant and complete ignorant  
"As stated here and elsewhere many, many times, us the organizers put on  the 
ADZPCTKO solely for the benefit, enjoyment, educational, inspirational and  
butterfly killing that never existed nor was available from any source or  
sources so many years ago.  Had there been one I would have certainly  attended to 
get the spirited advice, sage inspiration and incredibly positive  atmosphere 
provided by those who had gone before and came back to just, JUST,  to simply 
give something back!"  
"The ADZPCTKO is NOT necessary, is NOT put on for the sole ego building  and 
pats on the back that you insinuate!  I challenge you to find anyone  that we 
have 'denied' anything to, except the continual assertion that somehow  this 
incredibly positive event is somehow responsible for poor choices by  
individuals in trail supply towns."  
"If you are not interested in any of this, then by all means do not  attend.  
We do not wish this event to become a gargantuan event and have  never 
'forced upon us all'  ANYTHING!"
You may quote me on any of this.  However, I respectfully request  that you 
include all of it and take nothing out of context.
Greg "Strider" Hummel
ADZPCTKO Coordinator

Remember when  you're feeling very small and insecure 
how amazingly unlikely is your birth  . . . 
and pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space 
cause  there's damn near none here on  earth!
Monty  Python "The Meaning of Life"

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