[pct-l] Tropical Storm John hikes the PCT?

stillroaming pct at delnorteresort.com
Fri Sep 1 17:25:26 CDT 2006

The so far docile hurricane season has not matched human/model/media 
expectations, thus making it the 'real story' in your mind. (How could our 
human forecast of hurricane season possibly be wrong???) The weather and 
other random systems often fly in the face of the best prepared forecasts; 
regardless of the cause.

Sensationlist. Hmmm, I think I like it. ;)
Scott "The Sesationlist" Parks

It sounds quite regal. What do you think, Ed?

C'mon Scott - I know the list is slow, but this is
sensationalist. The real story this year is the obvious lack
of an '05-style hurricane season recurrence on the American
mainland, which I personally believe was influenced by
sunspot activity more than global warming (which is also
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