[pct-l] Tropical Storm John hikes the PCT?

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Fri Sep 1 17:32:59 CDT 2006

what exactly are you trying to spell there scott ?

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> The so far docile hurricane season has not matched human/model/media
> expectations, thus making it the 'real story' in your mind. (How could our
> human forecast of hurricane season possibly be wrong???) The weather and
> other random systems often fly in the face of the best prepared forecasts;
> regardless of the cause.
> Sensationlist. Hmmm, I think I like it. ;)
> Scott "The Sesationlist" Parks
> It sounds quite regal. What do you think, Ed?
> C'mon Scott - I know the list is slow, but this is
> sensationalist. The real story this year is the obvious lack
> of an '05-style hurricane season recurrence on the American
> mainland, which I personally believe was influenced by
> sunspot activity more than global warming (which is also
> real).
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