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Fri Sep 1 16:58:14 CDT 2006

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Something smaller and lighter than a bar of deodorant soap might be  nice. 
I've put the call out before, but anyone know of such a  beast?
I sometimes use an old  Sony radio (ICF-SW100S) that is very small, but heavy 
(8 ounces with  batteries, size 4 3/8 by 11/16 by 2 7/8 inches).  It is an 
FM/SW/MW/LW  PLL synthesized world band receiver.  It has an external plug for 
an  external antenna.  That is simple spool of wire that I can clip to a tree  
from my shelter.  With the spool, ear plugs/batteries my kit weights 10.5  
ounces.  Okay for short trips, but not for thru hikers unless you are  really 
into radios.
The radio was very expensive to  buy; $349.  At the time it was state of the 
art for an all band small  radio.  Sony spared no expense to make it the best 
and small.  I have  no idea what is out there now in this quality radio.  This 
is really first  class for the serious trail hiker/radio listener.
I might take it on my Mt. Whitney  expedition next week because of the 
coverage I will get at altitude.  It  might be fun to have scores of radio stations 
to select from.  This  thing has no problem with reception with a long wire in 
deep canyons at  night.
I think my small simple and light  Sony jogger radio that I take most of the 
time would be good out on the trail  for some AM and FM pickups in the 
Sierras.  Especially at night and if you  are up in altitude a little bit.  But do 
not underestimate FM reception at  night anywhere.
Cheers, Switchback
Trail Self Entertainment  Master

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