[pct-l] Washington Trailhead Transportation?

Tom Griffin griffin at u.washington.edu
Thu May 31 20:04:00 CDT 2007

The Greyhound doesn't stop at Snoqualmie Pass anymore. The Seattle area 
bus system stops at North Bend, about 20 miles west of the pass on I-90. 
So getting public transportation to Snoqualmie Pass is tricky.

If you are arriving at Sea-Tac Airport, you can take the Airporter bus 
to Cle Elum, 30 miles east of the pass. If the driver is kind, he can 
let you off at the pass rather than Cle Elum, even though it is against 
"regulations." I know of PCT hikers who were able to do this and others 
who went to Cle Elum and then had to hitch back to the pass. Here is a 
link to the airporter site


You can't hitch ON the freeways, but you can hitch on a ramp. At Stevens 
Pass, Hwy 2 is NOT a freeway, so you can hitch wherever you want. The 
Dinsmores (Skykomish trail angels) can tell you more about hitching on 
Hwy 2, but I've heard it is not that difficult.

Of course, the connections from Manning back to the States are easy. 
Here is a link to my trip report from last year where we finished a 
section hike at Manning and rode Greyhound and Amtrak back to Seattle.


Tom "Bulfrog" Griffin
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> [pct-l] Washington Trailhead Transportation?
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> Good day-
> I am planning two sections hikes this summer (2007), one from  
> Snoqualmie to Stevens and then later Stevens to Manning.  I have not  
> had much luck finding transportation options to and from the  
> trailheads, any ideas?  I see I can take some of Seattle's transit  
> for part of the route, but not to the top of the passes.
> I have seen the "No Hitchhiking" signs in Washington before, does  
> this only apply to on the freeways (Snoqualmie)?
> Any ideas appreciated. . .
> Bill, Oregon.

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