[pct-l] Departure Date Kennedy Meadows to Sierra(s).

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Mon May 21 19:45:06 CDT 2007

While Andy suggests no problems, Andy is a very strong hikers. A
different view from Daniel Wood's trail journal 5/16
http://www.trailjournals.com/entry.cfm?id=182043 . While it sounds like
those leaving on Ray Day should be ok, HYOH.

"He got up to Forester at 10:00 after having to cut steps across the
famous chute just below the pass. It was solid ice and this took some
time. When we crossed the chute last August on the trail it was scary
enough. I can imagine it was not pleasant with ice. I asked him what he
would have done if he did not have an ice axe. He said he would have
gone back. That is the correct answer!

"He tried to walk down the north side but had a lot of post holing
troubles so he glissaded to the south end of the lake below the pass and
post holed down beyond Center Creek. He did not make too much of this
but it must have been quite a chore because he is planning to take more
food into the next section than I would expect he would need."

> -----Original Message-----
> I got a call from Andy Skurka, who has made it through to Yosemite
> Here's what he reported for the Sierras:
> -	The approaches to the passes (for nobo hikers) are relatively
> and will be clear by the time the pack reaches there.
> -	The descents on the passes have more snow.  The temps have been
> up there, and the snow isn't melting fast.
> -	The snow is not very consolidated, and timing will be very
> important; go over the passes early!!  There's a transition zone where
> snow is pretty thin.
> -	The fords were relatively good, as there is not the huge volume
> snow melt experienced in the past two years.
> All-in-all, it's looking great up there right now for the nobos.

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