[pct-l] Departure Date Kennedy Meadows to Sierra(s).

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I got a call from Andy Skurka, who has made it through to Yosemite Valley.
Here's what he reported for the Sierras:

-	The approaches to the passes (for nobo hikers) are relatively clear,
and will be clear by the time the pack reaches there.
-	The descents on the passes have more snow.  The temps have been cool
up there, and the snow isn't melting fast.  
-	The snow is not very consolidated, and timing will be very
important; go over the passes early!!  There's a transition zone where the
snow is pretty thin. 
-	The fords were relatively good, as there is not the huge volume of
snow melt experienced in the past two years.  

All-in-all, it's looking great up there right now for the nobos.  


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Does anyone have a pulse on what the latest anticipated departure
dates are for entering the Sierra (High) this year?

I just completed Sections D thru G last week (approximately 450 miles)
with another section hiker...things were pretty dry up till we started
are trek over Trail Crest:  the trail was covered beyond OUR
recognition starting around Guitar Lake...

We ultimately placed a "bead" on the switchbacks and headed dircectly
for them...ultimately scaled the crest manuevering around snow and ice
to find no trail signs for the first 300+ yards going down (towards
Whitney Portal)...however, there were plenty of tents set up below so
we basically manuevered in the general direction picking up (off and
on) about 60% of the trail...

Navigating the snow covered trail is not something I was prepared for
but we did manage okay...

I was glad to get out of the ice and snow covered portions of the
trail and based on my experience to date would be happy not to
experience the same conditions on a regular basis for the rest of this

That said, does anyone have any info on the trail / passess north of
Crabtree Meadow OR any projections as to a reasonable start date for
section H?

Also, if there are any hikers looking for a partner through the Sierra
please consider me as a prospect to partner with...


phil - irvine.

PS:  section hiked A thru G this year starting in mid march; soloed A
thru C, buddied up on D thru G.
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