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Wed May 16 21:36:56 CDT 2007

Back in the early 70s, I used to do 2 or 3 day weekend trips and I 
did one 5 day trip in the Sierras. Many, including the 5 day, were 
loops that spent part of the trip on the PCT. I saw a fair amount of 
the PCT that way, (e.g. Cottonwood Pass, Selden Pass, Marie Lake, 
Silver Pass) and really enjoyed it. Then in the late 80s I was a 
Scoutmaster for a brief period and saw a lot of Section D on weekend 
Scout hikes. In 1992, my son and I took two weeks and walked from 
Tuolumne Meadows to Whitney Portal  (the JMT) and I got more 
comfortable each day. Since retiring from work in 2002, I have 
accelerated my backpacking and have been accumulating additional 
pieces until I now have walked just over 50% of the trail. My longest 
walk was for 18 days; I think that is enough for me at one time; I am 
not a thruhiker. My shortest hike is overnight, on several occasions 
and that is also nice but a completely different experience. Everyone 
is different. Unless you have done a lot of backpacking elsewhere, my 
suggestion is to start short and, if you like it, lengthen.

I have walked in California (none north of Section M) and Oregon, but 
not in Washington. There are several parts that stand out to me. 
Anywhere in the Sierras from Cottonwood Pass to Sonoma Pass has 
spectacular scenery with the above-timberline stretches and high 
passes and great views. The segment between Truckee and Squaw Valley 
is nice because you are on the top ridge and have views both East and 
West. I found Section A to be the least interesting for me. (I have 
not done F yet.)

If you want some feel for the parts that I have walked, you can see 
my photos at www.bailyweb.com. (Unfortunately I did not have a camera 
with me when I did the JMT.)

(Doing the trail in pieces as my body goes to pieces.)

At 02:45 PM 5/16/07, you wrote:
>So how did everyone first experience the PCT?  I have yet to make a trip
>and am trying to decide how long to go for.
>Also, what are your favorite sections of the trail?
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