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The Lumber Jack themtgoat at yahoo.com
Wed May 16 20:37:56 CDT 2007

I had been a backpacker for over 20 years, when Snickers invited me on a section of the PCT. I accepted. We went from Kersarge Pass to Reds Meadow. It took 9 days, and I had the time of my life. Meeting other hikers, and getting used to hiking at that pace. 

I had been on the PCT before, many times, but not really with the idea of doing the whole thing. Until that trip. I did a pre-trip to make sure I could endure the Dessert in Southern Ca. Snickers took me from Hiker town to Walker Pass. The trip went for all practical purposes flawlessly. Now lighter weight, and my pack down to 16LB's, I embarked for the whole in the next year....

Unfortunately, addicted for life.
PCT 2005

Scherneck, Nathan      nscherneck at safebuild.net        
     Wed May 16 16:45:54 CDT 2007
So how did everyone first experience the PCT?  I have yet to make a trip
and am trying to decide how long to go for.  
Also, what are your favorite sections of the trail?  

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