[pct-l] Northern Cal snow

JoAnn M. Michael jomike at cot.net
Mon May 14 13:20:25 CDT 2007

I just called the mt.shasta ranger station and they, as always, were exceedingly helpful. The gal I spoke with, Robin, stated she was on the pct just this past weekend. There were only patches of snow on the trail in section p in the porcupine lake area at 7220'. She was also at castle dome where it was snow free (as is the trail through Castle Crags State Park). She was amazed as to how little snow and how quickly it's melting (we've been in the 70's and a few days of in the 80's this past week or two).

Though those locations are not in section o, it should give you at least some information of snow in this general area and/or if you chose to do section p instead of section o. I strongly advise a call to Don, who Robin stated is the main contact for the pct (but was out of the office when she and I spoke). 

I'll be going into their office soon (I'm still on crutches and can't drive) and set-up a more formal arrangement whereby I'll have better info. to share with the list. Thanks for inquiring about this area I so love - it's been a fun "excuse" to "trail talk" with you and the ranger station! And, I'll be better prepared in the future to answer inquiries all due to your post! 

are we there yet

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