[pct-l] Slideshow For Your Photos?

Postholer public at postholer.com
Fri May 11 14:42:41 CDT 2007

If someone chooses to charge a fee for some service, product, etc, by all 
means, go for it.

All the information and services at Postholer.Com are *ABSOLUTELY FREE*. You 
will never see price tags, nor will we ever ask for donations. Hikers 
helping hikers without requiring a fee.

We don't buy into the 'thru-wallet' mentality. Others don't share our 
philosophy and that's perfectly fine! No problem!

Journalists at Postholer.Com now have a slideshow tool at their disposal.

Here's an example of a slideshow:


i couldn't agree more! if folks have put in time and effort, and thus
need to recoup some or all of their costs, i have no problem with that.
i think what squatch does is great, and he should make as much money as
possible doing it. same goes for yogi, etc.

i DO however have a problem with hypocrites who slander others, while
making arrogant claims of altruism, even though, as in this case, their
website has advertisements for their own company!
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