[pct-l] Storm Damage from last fall

Andrea Dinsmore zaqueltooocool at gmail.com
Thu May 10 01:06:57 CDT 2007

We live right in the middle of the damage. Within a half mile area around
our house here in the woods there were at least 150 trees downs. Record wind
storm. They were 100+ foot fir trees. Our house is within 15 feet of the Tye
River which flows into the Skykomish North Fork. We had record high water
for days. 1/2 of the Town of Skykomish  flooded. Then lots of snow. Like was
said earlier you won't see the major damage in the mountains until the snow
is gone. Lots of rivers rerouted. 1000's of big trees down where they
weren't before. I will be able to fill you in after Scott comes through if
he happens to stop in here. I really don't want to have to chase his silly
butt down the trail to catch him and his bride. He will be going through the
worst areas up here in Washington before anyone else. If someone can contact
him ask him to stop in at the Dinsmore's in Skykomish and give us an update
on the trail that we can pass on.

Take care,


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