[pct-l] Mt. Humphrey PCT Training Expedtion

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Thu May 10 03:43:10 CDT 2007

_reinholdmetzger at cox.net_ (mailto:reinholdmetzger at cox.net)   writes: Besides, 
there is no need for a restaurant, Switchback & Meadows Ed  have enough spare 
calories between the two of them to make it down without  any
This is very true.  Like all good mountaineers and like Ground  Pounder says, 
"Be prepared."  And so it is with these two adventurers of  the trail.  They 
carry internal stores for any eventuality.  The true  test of outstanding 
readiness for the perils of nature.  This the result of  many years of careful and 
dutiful dedication. 
Say, I think at the wedding of Yo-Yo  Scott and Michelle there should be 
piped in a running account over a the  speaker system of this accent of Mt. 
Humphrey.  It should not interfere too  much with the wedding and reception 
activities.  It will be in the  background as all the festivities are going on.

I thank you.

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