[pct-l] ''CUPID'S COT''.....super light weight backpacking chair

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Tue May 8 21:38:21 CDT 2007

R_einholdmetzger at cox.net_ (mailto:Reinholdmetzger at cox.net)   writes: Now, a 
''Cupid's Cot'' build for two would change all that.
All of a  sudden backpacking would be acceptable to all and would be viewed 
as a romantic  get-away adventure affordable to all , not just the rich & 
famous. I can see  it already.....''CUPID'S  COTS,''......by Reinhold, Tortoise &  
Switchback.....for the ultimate wilderness romance experience.
You know I would REALLY like to be part of this venture.  But I am  afraid 
that at my stage in life I can only market, Switchback's Snooze Cot" or  
"Switchback's Combat Nap Cot".  My ultimate wilderness experience is  closing my eyes 
in camp at the end of the hiking day and checking my eye lids  for holes.

Switchback the Napper

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