[pct-l] Our weekend adventure

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Tue May 8 23:15:37 CDT 2007

Sprout, Chief, and I had a nice weekend on the PCT from Hwy 74 just E of Paradise Cafe to Saddle Junction.  Left a vehicle at Humber Park and took my truck back to Paradise Cafe for Jose Burgers and a Cowboy Burger.  They were nice enough to let us fill our platy's in the kitchen.  Got on the trail early enough to get about 3.7 miles in before dark.  The clouds were really low & we had a slight rain.  

Got going about 6 on Sat. and passed 3 thru's sleeping in - later found out they were Tony from NC, Roni from Israel, and didn't catch the last one, but he had the Viking look and is from WI.  There was about 25 gal left at the Fobes Saddle - seemed that with as cool as it was, nobody was taking much.  Sprout teamed up with Roni to tackle the climb up to Apache Spring; just about knocked Chief and I out.  Sprout had a good to time though walking with thru's, waiting for us, and catching up with the thru's, again and again.  If I had realized what getting water from Apache Spring would be about, I might have been tempted to use the Fobes cache.  Sat. night was bad; 50 mph winds ripped up Chief's Rainbow Tarptent; I hope Henry will fix it for him.

Sunday was beautiful with perfect hiking temp, and the water lasted exactly to Tahquitz Creek.  There were lots of people up at Saddle J on dayhikes, so the decent to Humber Park was really dusty, and I didn't realize how steep it is.  I think we'll cheat & take the PS tram up to continue from Saddle J to Cabazon next trip.

Th-th-th-that's all folks.

Scout & Sprout

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