[pct-l] repairing the trail

Doug Musso dougmusso at hotmail.com
Sun May 6 20:41:00 CDT 2007

concerning equipment to repair washouts.
it is a question of balance. are we so pure that we wish to eliminate the 
PCT from the wliderness? should we just leave the washed out bridges washed 
out? I like that a varience is required to bring in equipment and that all 
parties can have their say in each instance.
    Are you sure that the varience system was responsible for a bulldozer 
left in the Inyos? Or is this a misleading image aimed for emotional 
response?  It seems unlikely that any varience would allow for abandoned 
bulldozers. If the dozer is an abuse of a varience request lets address it 
as such.
     I think that it is ok to ask for a varience in severe damage situations 
and it is ok for those opposed to the request be allowed input in the 
decision. I personally prefer that horses and mules be used when extra power 
is needed for repairs whenever practical. What is the dollar cost difference 
between the choices? what is the difference in time frames between the 
choices. How are are monetary funds best used to serve us all. How do the 
choices affect the trail users. These are the type of questions we need to 
address. It is important that we be mindful in these matters.

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