[pct-l] ADZ mysterious spray

Freiman, Paul pfreiman at ucsd.edu
Sun May 6 20:51:06 CDT 2007

There was a mysterious illness that came shortly after people left the ADZ.  Now I understand that Meadow Mary has a hypersensitivity to chemicals and people often dismiss her, but she felt the lake was sprayed.  Many of the beloved thru hikers suddenly developed upper respiratory ailments from an irritatited throat to a serious ailment that hit Yogi and would have stopped a normal hiker. (Yogi is feeling better and won't let it stop her.)  Meadow Mary has either gone home or to the Saufley's for rest.
Anyway, TurtleDon, Happy Feet, and Tumbleweed came in this morning and will leave tomorrow.  Me?  I'm celebrating my 14th wedding anniversery with 4 days at Warner Ranch.  It is SOOOOO nice here.
Capt Bivy, over

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