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Sat May 5 00:27:03 CDT 2007

I've only flown one trip with my backpack. I have an A-16 
external frame and the pack has few straps, etc. hanging 
off. However to protect the suspension straps, I cut a piece 
of cardboard to cover the back (side to me) including all 
the straps and tied it on, making sure all the loose ends 
were tucked in. I flew into and out of the same airport and 
I could leave the cardboard as well as extra stuff in the 
car of another participant. Perhaps you could make a similar 
cover out of cardboard or what not.

Another option is to buy a used duffel bag to contain your 
pack on the way out, then arrange to give the duffel to 
Goodwill (or such) on arrival. Depending on where you finish 
the trail, you could arrange to have a duffel mailed to you 
at your end point.

One other consideration, having your pack damaged on the 
trip home is not as big a problem as on the way out when you 
don't have time to repair or replace it.

Another idea, can you get a cardboard box to put your pack 
and contents in. especially if you can use a common size 
available at a place like a UPS store.


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Brian Lewis wrote:
> "United airlines at least have thick plastic bags large enough to put a pack
> in.  You cut a hole for the haul strap to poke through, and tape up the hole
> and tape the open end of the bag."
> Thanks, Jeff --- that makes sense.  Are you saying that UAL offers (sells?)
> these bags at the luggage checkin point?
> A hasty web search didn't turn up any info on that, but I did find this
> product:
> http://www.kevincoffee.com/security_pooch.htm
> This is targeted more at the risk of theft, but also protects the contents
> to some degree, "The Safety Pooch is manufactured from a high-grade multi
> layered plastic. It is capable of withstanding puncture and abrasion common
> to the baggage transit procedure."
> Thanks also to the person that replied privately to suggest buying a cheap
> duffel or suitcase at a thrift store and then just chucking it on arrival.
> Guess I could do that.  Either way involves throwing something away, doesn't
> it?   Somehow this would bother me more --- using something that's designed
> to endure for a one time "use and then into a landfill" solution.   But
> better than having my trip messed up from the start!
> 	Brian Lewis
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