[pct-l] flying with backpack to ~Campo

Brian Lewis brianle at nwlink.com
Fri May 4 10:14:01 CDT 2007

"United airlines at least have thick plastic bags large enough to put a pack
in.  You cut a hole for the haul strap to poke through, and tape up the hole
and tape the open end of the bag."

Thanks, Jeff --- that makes sense.  Are you saying that UAL offers (sells?)
these bags at the luggage checkin point?

A hasty web search didn't turn up any info on that, but I did find this

This is targeted more at the risk of theft, but also protects the contents
to some degree, "The Safety Pooch is manufactured from a high-grade multi
layered plastic. It is capable of withstanding puncture and abrasion common
to the baggage transit procedure."

Thanks also to the person that replied privately to suggest buying a cheap
duffel or suitcase at a thrift store and then just chucking it on arrival.
Guess I could do that.  Either way involves throwing something away, doesn't
it?   Somehow this would bother me more --- using something that's designed
to endure for a one time "use and then into a landfill" solution.   But
better than having my trip messed up from the start!

	Brian Lewis

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