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Hopefully the problem at Golden Oak Spring is something that can be "fixed".  Chances are good that the spring itself is going dry, and BLM intervention may not be able to correct it.

Along that same line, I've been able to confirm that Messenger Flat water isn't just off -- it's dry.  Unfortunately, the same is true for Mill Creek Summit ranger station -- it's not dry yet, but is going dry.  Todd up at North Fork still has water, but estimates that his well will be dry some time in June.  Apparently the wells supplying these sources are dug shallow and horizontal, and as the water table is receding, they're not drawing any water.  I suspect this is true of a lot of the Nat'l Forest water sources; they weren't dug the way residential wells are dug -- straight and deep.  


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>What we in the desert call water differs from many others, including
>some of the guidebook authors. Dig a hole in the mud, fill your cook
>pot, and let it sit until the mud settles out, then filter from the top.
>Or, use something like a large straw or stiff piece of aluminum foil to
>channel the trickle into your pot without getting as much mud in it.
>Cottonwood Creek near Landers Meadow was flowing slowly April 1, how
>long with it last??? Otherwise, if everything dries up, it's 50 miles
>from Tehachapi to the fire tank in Landers Meadow. Hopefully BLM will
>get Golden Oaks running again.
>There's a couple long section hikers heading that way in the next couple
>weeks, so we should hear more then.
>Any locals with better info?
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>> Greetings,
>> Water is Section F is pretty dicey this year.  As a section hiker I am
>> beginning to have second thoughts about my June 1 hike from Tehachepi
>> to Kennedy Meadows.  I may just do some AT this year.
>> I am comfortable with 20+ miles of dry, but 35+ worries me.  I will be
>> very lightweight, but this is hot and dry trail.
>> Some questions-
>> Robin Bird is questionable now, any word on that??
>> That would leave Landers as the next source.  Not much futher but 35+
>> miles.  Any word on the Landers area yet? Could those sources be dry
>> Maybe the plumbing at Golden Oak will get fixed!
>> In reading some journals, I see allot of pumping from "crappy"
>> such as seeps and pools.  I have been an iodine guy.  What has been
>> success with digging holes, scooping, and using iodine?  Palatable or
>> too yucky.  I sound like my daughter!
>> Advice and caches are appreciated!
>> David Craft
>> PCT AT Section Hiker
>> Greensboro, NC
>> David B. Craft
>> Greensboro
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