[pct-l] memories of jmt

Ned Tibbits ned at mountaineducation.com
Thu Sep 28 22:22:51 CDT 2006

It was 1984 and we hadn't seen a soul in four days.  The weather was beginning to change.  Clouds were thickening and I was little unsettled. Muir Pass was in front of us Evolution Valley behind. Air was crisp.  Too crisp!!  The clouds  and wind mounted and I knew this wasn't going to pass.  By the time we reached Muir Hut the winds were 60 miles per hour and I couldn't see beyond my hand.  My new found friend and fiancé told me through the deafening wind to stay while he went for water.  Water, where?  In a minute I couldn't hear his voice or the direction in which he had traveled. Was he going to return?  I must digress here and tell you I was a Lady from the city who had never had a pack on her back in her life. High heels were all I knew. The first day on the JMT I cried.  By the time I reached Kings Canyon National Park I was hooked.  I know many need to hike their own hike but to savior every mile of the John Muir Trail is to delight in hiking at its best.  

Lady J

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