[pct-l] JMT record??

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Thu Sep 28 17:47:50 CDT 2006

Alec wrote....220 miles with a fanny pack?!  Surely he must be some insane
David wrote...We couldn't decide if he was a little insane or for
Alec & David,
It's nice to hear from you guys.
It seems to me that I heard other people in the past question my sanity on
more than one occasion.
I disagreed with them, off course.
In either case, I am a happy camper.
I have a loving wife & adorable dachshund ( Mitzy is her name ), I have the
JMT, the Rockies, the Grand Canyon and I have my sanity.........or do I????
Hope to see you guys on the trail again someday.......Until
then........Happy Trails!!!

JMT Reinhold
Your potentially insane trail companion

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