[pct-l] Snow Questionaire for pct thru hike finishers

Shelly Culbertson shelly.culbertson at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 11:39:01 CDT 2006

Below are a few answers to Ned's questions on behalf of ¿Listo? (Adam
Bradley), who started May 15 and finished at Manning on Sunday (Sept. 24),
except for 47 miles of fire closure in Oregon which he will be returning to
complete this week or next.  Ned, he is likely to be at the Aldha gathering,
if you wish to follow up with him for any reason.

Shelly (journal transcriber)

On 9/25/06, Ned Tibbits <ned at mountaineducation.com> wrote:
> In light of your snow and ice challenges:
>    - What would you say was the best method of traveling over the snow and
> handling the icy stretches? (snowshoes, boots only, runners only, ice axe,
> crampons...)

Adam used runners only and was satisfied with this decision.

   -  How many of you were injured in any way while on snow?

No injuries.

 -  What techniques worked best for stream crossings?
Concerning methods Adam could answer this better directly, but in general,
he is a certified Swiftwater Rescue Technician and had no serious difficulty
with stream crossings, no lost gear, etc.

   -  How many miles a day was realistic?

Adam left Kennedy Meadows on June 18 and went straight through to VVR,
arriving on the morning of June 26.  This is an average of about 17 miles
per day.

   -  Were you prepared for how hard it was?

I think Adam felt that the hype was a bit excessive.

       -  how would you help the next class understand what to expect?

I think he might say, try not to be too influenced by what others are

   -  Did you have enough food?

yes, he did.

  -  Did your poles work out?

yes, they did.

   -  Ice axe use:
>        -  did they help while glissading?


      -  anyone injured by the axe, itself?


   -  Crampons:


>  -  Were you warm and dry enough?


  -  Any troubles with navigation?

no. Adam used a Garmin Legend GPS from Kennedy Meadows to Donner Pass into
which I loaded MapSource topos, which include the trail.  (I also loaded
these for Mama and Chia.)  He found this very useful.

 -  Ultralight, advantages/disadvantages:
>        -  does the ultralight philosophy adequately prepare you for the
> snow experience


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