[pct-l] Snow Questionaire for pct thru hike finishers

Terry Norton terry.norton at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 19:12:19 CDT 2006


Cashe' would have me say "Hello!"  He and I reached Monument #78 last
Friday evening.

In regards to the questionaire...you gotta be kidding!  You expect a
recently finished thruhiker to answer such an exhaustive survey?
Look, I barely remember how to type.  My two functional fingers would
have blisters typing a response.

General thoughts:
1. Snowshoes are worthless on suncups...and everything was suncupped
when I went through.
2. I would like to try Hydropel next time
3. If you aren't confident on variable snow conditions, do not travel
alone.  Be honest with your traveling partners about your skill and
confidence level.
4. High Sierra snow will eventually melt.  IF it is too much, take a
week or two off to explore other parts of California.
5.  The fords are more dangerous than the snow.


On 9/25/06, Ned Tibbits <ned at mountaineducation.com> wrote:
> To Jeff and all of you who finished this outrageous trail experience and are trying to begin your new lives, can you take a few minutes and share your thoughts on the following questions? What you say may be used in presentations at ALDHA-West, the ADZ, REI and other public seminars. Can we quote you?  If you have any specific pictures that would help others understand your point of view on a subject below, could you include it in your response and can we use it for presentation?
> In light of your snow and ice challenges:

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