[pct-l] PCT Issues Forum

Bill Bill at 4Jeffrey.Net
Thu Sep 14 08:36:57 CDT 2006

This list has been very valuable to many planning their PCT hikes. The
bandwidth does get a bit large sometimes with extraneous discussions, that
have in the past driven away both those looking for information and on
occasion veterans with much help to offer.


The PCT-L on it's info page says "This list is for discussion of all things
related to the PCT, planning for thru-hikes or section-hikes, trail-threats,
trail maintenance, horse riding, llama packing, anything having to do with
the PCT. "


The item here seems to be "trail-threats." Obviously, things like a fire
that closes the PCT is on-topic as it relates to detours and other
logistics. Someone building a fence or parking lot on the trail is on-topic.
The question is whether larger issues - global warming, population growth,
etc. - are related just to the PCT or are rather related to ALL trails and
wilderness. While these are important issues to discuss, IMO this list is
specifically about the PCT, not ALL trails and trail issues. 


We have had discussions before that a solution might be a PCTIssues-L, but
no one has stepped up to start it up. I'm sure Brick can tell you just how
much work this is. However, there are a couple forums that do address these
issues. Two I'd suggest are http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Kampfire/ and the
Usenet newsgroup rec.backcountry (also at
http://recreation-news.com/rec.backcountry/), the latter covering such
social and political issues quite extensively.


By taking global issues to another forum such as these, we can keep the
PCT-L messages focuses on PCT-specific topics and better serve those
planning to hike or maintain our trail.


Just my opinion,




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