[pct-l] Castle Crags - dogs

JoAnn M. Michael jomike at cot.net
Wed Sep 13 12:51:49 CDT 2006

I have a "Castle Crags State Park" map put out by the CC Interpretive Association dated 11/99.

I read a few months ago the following and didn't check on it till today: 

                             "Pets are not permitted on trails, except the Pacific Crest Trail and the Campground Trail."

I just spoke with Ranger Brett Mizeur; after reading him the above, he states it is true. He states if you get on the PCT anywhere before it enters the park (Soda Creek exit off I-5 where trail goes under the freeway or Dog Trail off of Castle Creek Road, aka FS 25, that runs beside the Park) you may have a dog with you going through the Park on the PCT. I didn't inquire further but it sounds like it is a rule created almost exclusively for thru hikers. It sounds as though he's saying if you try to access the PCT from a point in the Park that that would be a no-no.

Anyway folks, straight from a CA Rangers mouth, and the map, you can take a dog through that Park. Kinda makes you wonder about the others...

are we there yet

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