[pct-l] The last 190 miles....

Terry Norton terry.norton at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 13:32:10 CDT 2006

Hi All,

This is "Cheers!" (aka: Terry Norton) holed up in Skykomish trying to
plan for the last 190 miles.  There are currently 10 hikers here at
the Dinsmores.  We are all a little disappointed about not finishing
at Monument 78, but we will definitely have a story when we finish!

We have heard that hiker mail packages have been moved to the Stehekin
Bakery, away from the landing.  Additionally, we have been told the
shuttle bus is still running.  Worst case, we are carrying food to
reach Rainy Pass, 20 miles north of High Bridge, where we can hitch
out for food.

Currently original copies of trail maps are in short supply around
here.  Although I am generally one to respect copyrights, we are
having to photocopy the one available map of the Northern Cascades.

Personally, my biggest concern is retreiving my passport for re-entry
to the US.  Hopefully the Stehekin ferry will be operating again by
the time I reach Stehekin.  If not, I might be able to "double back"
using the water taxi on Ross Lake.  Worst case:  I go to an American
Consulate in Canada and declare a lost passport.  If anyone has any
insight on this issue, I would appreciate an email at
cheers at pocketmail.com.  (I am not monitoring my gmail address on the

Best of luck to all who follow!


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