[pct-l] Forest Fires

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Tue Sep 12 17:09:40 CDT 2006

As an architect, you make very good points.  "light (and all  of its 
by-products like warmth) from the sun" if during the day, or "light from  the stars 
and sunlight reflected by the moon" if during the night.  Some of  the electrons 
that feed the fluorescent lights come indirectly from the sun  (solar power) 
too, but are a result of the collection elements sitting on the  earth and 
that themselves came out of the earth.  
"In the beginning the world was rock . . . "

-  old Miwok Indian saying 

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I've  heard that the elements that comprise humans are not from earth
(being that  the quantities where they occur are in very, very low
amounts), but "are  the stuff of stars".
Everything else in the room would have come from  earth, unless there was
a meteor or moon rock there...
And dust. Much of  the dust that falls on us comes from space.

One might argue that  "light" comes from outside earth, but in reality,
light is just one  manifestation of energy. Forest fires give off light
But  the warmth you feel sitting next to a window is from the sun, which
is not  from earth, and is a tangible thing. As is it's light. So there
are two  things which, though CAN come from earth, did not.

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