[pct-l] Forest Fires

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The sunshine that comes in the windows.

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> Oil and Trees;  they are both natural, believe it or  not.  Both are
> important to our society.  I haven't heard of  one person who has hiked
> PCT who got to the trailhead without using oil in  some form.
> In 6th grade earth studies courses, I have been asked to come in  and
> as a geologist.  The first thing I ask the class to do is for  anyone to
> just ONE thing in the classroom (including all of the people,  clothes,
> tooth implants, earrings, lights, flooring, desks, pencils,  contact
> shoes, etc.) that does not directly or indirectly come out of  the earth?
> Come on, put your thinking caps on.
> ?
> ?
> ?
> If you can't guess what it is, I will post the answer  tomorrow.
> Greg
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