[pct-l] The Thru Hiker Radio

lindy of the shire lindornea at gmail.com
Sat Sep 2 13:21:52 CDT 2006

*Sony SFR-M37V FM/AM/Weather/TV Radio Walkman with 25 Memory Presets (that
is supposed to read 5 memory presets)

It has gotten much better reviews.  It takes one aaa battery and I
personally would get another pair of headphones for the trail :) I was put
off at first by the fact the buttons are SO large and I know I often have
trouble bumping my iPod shuffle when I am wearing it, but there is a "hold"
button somewhere on the top where you can slide it over and that will keep
your buttons from being accidently bumped and switching stations, turning
on, etc, A feature I find really exciting for hiking!

It runs less expensive too.

anyway... just my two cents.

have a good day!
Happy Hiking!

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