[pct-l] request for advice or help

Denis Stanton denisstanton at mac.com
Thu May 31 23:59:41 CDT 2007

Hi Christine

thank your the suggestions and encouragement.  I think I'm going to  
trust to luck that the hitching will work out.  The Sierras have  
always been good to me on the number of visits I have managed since I  
first took a day off after a conference in 1994 and drove up to  

You are right about staying awake on the drive back to San Francisco  
being a final challenge.  My visits to your beautiful mountains have  
always been too short and bracketed by endurance drives.  Last year I  
managed to fit a in an overnight hike to Vogelsang on the weekend  
before the San Francisco conference and a Whitney summit in the few  
days after before racing back to SFO.

Information on lack of cellphone coverage is useful.  I'm not sure  
which carrier is paired with Vodafone New Zealand but as I recall  
last year I didn't find any service outside the city.  I'm going to  
resent carrying the phone if it remains inert even when I get to a road.

On 1/06/2007, at 1:42 PM, <cmkudija at ca.rr.com> <cmkudija at ca.rr.com>  

> Well, of course you're mad.  From our perspective in California,  
> you spend
> your time walking upside-down.  If that's not mad.... ;-)


Denis Stanton

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