[pct-l] Leaving a trace

Marion Davison mardav at charter.net
Thu May 31 22:46:53 CDT 2007

Being llamapackers gives us an advantage in this department.  We pick up 
loads of trash along the trail and haul out all the lost and discarded 
junk we find.  The list of found items over the last several years is 
pretty amusing.  We carry  a rake, shovel and saw for impromptu trail 
work (that is, the llamas carry them).  During spring training we carry 
a chain saw and do some serious log clearing in section C.  This link is 
a sample of work we did so far this year.


Once in a great while I get hate mail from stock haters on this list.  I 
just want to remind them that stock carry many of the tools used to 
build and maintain the trail.

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