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Here's some PCT trail projects:
http://www.trailprojects.com/projectsdatabase.html for the upcoming weeks.
Stupid me, I forgot it was Nat'l Trails Day when I scheduled us to do
something else ALL day!  But we were weed-whacking & raking our local trail
last Saturday, so I guess it counts...

Christine "Ceanothus" Kudija
PCT partially '94

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Ceanothus (see-ah-no-thus) or California lilac:  Shrubs or small trees,
often with divaricate, sometimes spiny, twigs...[flowers] small but showy,
white to blue or purplish, sometimes lavender or pinkish, borne in terminal
or lateral panicles or umbellike cymes.
                                                               Philip A.
                                                               A California
Flora, U.C. Press, 1973

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On CDT-L someone said how you  should leave a trace by doing
impromptu maintenance. I am not sure how effective that may or may not
be, but figure doing some trail work with a group is a great way to
"Leave a trace".

Just a reminder that this Saturday is National Trails Day. If you can,
get out there and work on a project for the day or even the weekend. If
you can't get on the CDT, PCT, AT or whatever, I'm sure there are some
local outdoor groups that can use you to swing a pulaski, pick up
trash,  restore an eroded area, etc.

You often get a fed very well. There are usually hot drinks, cold soda
and beer too! And of course you get to work in a beautiful area with
some great people.

If you have enjoyed the trails, is a great way to get give back! You will
leave a trace in the best possible way. :)
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