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Donna Saufley dsaufley at sprynet.com
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Your plan sounds reasonable.  The road to Horseshoe Meadows and to Kennedy
Meadows off 395 have enough traffic, and as you've pointed out, are hiker

I'm not sure about your cell provider, but mine didn't work until we were
well down the mountain. 

We hosted Sunwalker here recently.  Your son is a very nice young man.  Have
a great time hiking with him in the Sierras.

-=Donna "L-Rod" Saufley=-

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I hope it's not unethical for a newcomer to this list to ask for  
advice and possibly for assistance with transport.

I need to get from Horseshoe Meadows (Trail Pass area) to Kennedy  
Meadows on Saturday 9th June.

I'm thinking that there won't be very much normal traffic going down  
the road from Horseshoe Meadows to Lone Pine, or from Pearsonville on  
the 395 to Kennedy Meadows, but as these are both common re-supply  
points what traffic there is will be hiker-friendly.

My son Craig (Sunwalker) is a thru-hiker (http://pct2007.org) from  
New Zealand.  I have an opportunity to join him on the trail for a  
few days on-route (or rather off-route) to attending a conference in  
San Francisco.  The current plan is to get a rental car in San  
Francisco and drive down I-5 and across to Kennedy Meadows on  
Wednesday 6th.  Hike with him up the PCT to arrive at Trail Pass  
early on Saturday 10th, and then hitch back to the car at Kennedy  
Meadows and drive back to San Francisco late Saturday night.

Comments, ranging from '"you're mad" to "yeh, that'll work" welcome.   
Suggestions as to how easy or hard it will be to get down the  
Horseshoe Meadows road to Lone Pine also welcome.  I don't know  
whether there is a shuttle service operating out of Lone Pine if  
things get desperate, but hopefully my cell will work from the  
Horseshoe Meadow road if I had to.


Denis Stanton
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