[pct-l] Washington Trailhead Transportation?

robert vance hikerrobbie at yahoo.com
Thu May 31 20:20:53 CDT 2007

Bill Walters <willwalt at gmail.com> wrote:    Good day-

I am planning two sections hikes this summer (2007), one from 
Snoqualmie to Stevens and then later Stevens to Manning. I have not 
had much luck finding transportation options to and from the 
trailheads, any ideas? I see I can take some of Seattle's transit 
for part of the route, but not to the top of the passes.

I have seen the "No Hitchhiking" signs in Washington before, does 
this only apply to on the freeways (Snoqualmie)?

you have several options,lets start with the easyest one. stevens pass is usally a breeze to hitch to. take community transit(snohomish county) to gold bar and put your thumb out,it`s rarely taken me longer than a half hour to get a ride.
  snoqualimie a bit trickyer.the bus drops you off in north bend(by the safeway i belive) the problem with hitching from this spot is you can`t stand in the interchange. so you have two choices. one, make a sign then stand by the signal north of the interchange and wait for a ride,or walk east a couple of miles on north bend way to edgewick rd. and hitch from that on ramp.
  there is one more option that may appeal to some. from the airport take the bus to downtown seattle and get off at jackson st. walk a couple of blocks south to the salvation army and purchase a cheap bicycle,  put it on the bus to north bend and from there pedal east towards rattlesnake lake,where you pick up the iron horse trail(old railbed),from there it`s  only about 12 miles  to the pass(plus it`s a fun ride)

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