[pct-l] Leaving a trace

Deems losthiker at sisqtel.net
Thu May 31 19:22:59 CDT 2007

When I hike the trails, I roll off all the rocks and logs that I can, and 
use my hiking pole to flip as many sticks and limbs off the trail as 
possible. After many miles it makes a difference, especially if everyone 
flips some sticks and rolls some rocks. Rebuilding trail tread and sawing 
through logs is for the pros, but we can each do our own part while we are 
out for a hike by cleaning the trails.  The PCT section I hiked in the 
Trinitys this past weekend is in much better condition today due to my work 
as I hiked it.
On CDT-L someone said how you  should leave a trace by doing
impromptu maintenance. I am not sure how effective that may or may not
be, but figure doing some trail work with a group is a great way to
"Leave a trace". 

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