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If this hasn't already been posted, here is the 2007 Stehekin-to-High Bridge
bus schedule:
Ron S

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There seems to be a lot of confusion here on this subject.

The Stehekin River road is closed from a point just above the crossing at
High Bridge, (a place called Carwash Falls).  Actually it is mostly GONE.
It has been such since 2003 when the road above this point along the river
washed out.
We hiked this route, High Bridge to Bridge Cr.
along the river last summer and it is difficult going with a pack.
Saner folks use the PCT to go north from High Bridge to Bridge Cr.  I would 
recommend that.
At one time many years ago, this road provided vehicle access all the way up

to Cottonwood camp ( then a trailhead to Horseshoe Basin and Cascade Pass).
It was a popular way to even day hike up to Cascade Pass if you were speedy.
The road end had crept down the Stehekin River valley over the years.
(In the Real Old days the road went to the mine at the head of
Horseshoe Basin, an interesting spot to visit).
The shuttle bus from Stehekin runs up to High Bridge,  I am sure it will be
running this summer.  Not sure of the schedule,  I think three trips a day 
Stehekin boat landing up to High Bridge ( to meet the PCT, its about
10 or 11 ? miles from Stehekin).
Many people are campaigning to get the road restored
to provide shuttle access at least back to where
it was pre-03.  For backpackers who don't mind walking , this only makes a
short days difference in hiking time on a trip to areas north and west such 
as Cascade Pass.
For pure PCT hikers, it makes
no difference, since the PCT crosses the Stehekin River at High Bridge.
It will be many years and perhaps reams of court documents before the issue 
settled on restoring or re-routing the road above High Bridge.  There are 
trying to use the legal standing of old Rights of Way, to force the NPS to
commit to road access as it was previously. They want either the river road
rebuilt, or the PCT from High Bridge to Bridge Cr. converted back to a road
since it was an old wagon road itself in former years.  Fortunately for 
those of
us that feel there is enough road access in the wilderness,  the great cost 
in both
attorney's fees and construction estimates, will likely torpedo these crazy 

Of much greater import to PCT,ers  is the loss this spring of the Agnes Cr 
foot bridge
on the PCT.
This bridge is just south of High Bridge shuttle stop and a key crossing
point of Agnes Creek
below the main Agnes Gorge.  Alternatives will be very few and far between
even in late
Aug and Sept when water levels may be low enough for crossing at points near
the destroyed
bridge. Early season PCT hikers may have to detour this entire portion from
Suiattle Pass to High Bridge (i.e. go Cloudy Pass via Holden Village to 
Lucerne on
Lake Chelan).
Hiking north on the PCT from High Bridge and connecting to other trails from
there will not be a problem.
I am trying to find out when the bridges will be finished to restore the PCT
around the west side of Glacier Peak.   FS and NPS may be able to tell us
once they get in there to work this summer.
Otis Walter

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