[pct-l] Trinity Alps PCT section update

Deems losthiker at sisqtel.net
Wed May 30 19:32:52 CDT 2007

On Friday I started a 4 day hike from Carter Meadows summit to Tangle Blue Lake. How did I miss Lumberjack?? and I tried to open the video, but to no avail...Hints?? The snow is only a minor nuisance now, with the only longish snow sections around Mid to East Boulder lake trails. I felt I was the first to hike this PCT section this year. I hiked down the Marshy Lake trail, saw a place where two bears had a terrible fight over something leaving fur, many foot prints and blood. I continued on to Tangle Blue lake where I camped with 50 other hikers and 25 dogs. Luckily, I found a secluded secret camp of my own and avoided the Tangle Blue Zooo!!! Kelly and I escaped the TBzoo early and hiked back on the ancient trail that parallels the PCT but 500 ft lower back to Eagle Creek benches. I camped the first nite on the Eagle Creek divide, the second at Tangle Blue lake, and the third nite at Section Line lake in a small camp surrounded by snowfields.  Section Line lake has such a bad name for such a secret secluded lake refuge. It's not easy to find, and worth the effort. From what I could see from on high, The Mt Eddy section to I-5 is melted out, which means that the Russians and Marbles are melting out also. This is a great time to hike the PCT in Northern California. I didn't see Bigfoot, but I always keep my eyes, sniffer, mind, and ears open..I have photos on these links.

http://www.pbase.com/losthiker/inbox  full photos of trip, but short term storage

http://www.pbase.com/losthiker/the_trinity_alps_wilderness&page=13 start after Mirror Lake, pages 13,14,15.

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