[pct-l] Bus to Stehekin

Bill McKinley billmckinley at seanet.com
Tue May 29 22:24:25 CDT 2007

Margarete Hochhut wrote:

> Do I understand right: the shuttle bus down to Stehekin is not in service anymore ?

> Rita, Frankfurt, Germany

Not exactly.  There are two different buses.  One is in service and the other is not.

try this site:


  (1) from Stehekin to High Bridge and
  (2) from High Bridge into the Upper Valley.

The buses to High Bridge (16 Km from Stehekin) are still running as far as I know but the 
buses (Forest Service shuttle) beyond High Bridge (upper valley) are not running due to washouts.

The Pacific Crest Trail passes right by High Bridge and so does the McGregor Mountain Trail.

For other trails (e.g. Park Creek Pass) you will have to walk up the damaged road for maybe 10 to 15 Km 
(depending on the trail).

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