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The story was a bit biased and one-sided. Sounds like the usual rant 
from those who are always complaining about the wilderness being 
"locked-up" and only accessible to a few hardy souls. But these ranters 
seldom talk about the reasons for the closure. And (seemingly) never 
talk about the under-funding of our National Parks. And seldom do they 
think that users should pay fees for their actual use.

My two-bits (25¢).


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mark v wrote:
> "Found this info via www.stehekinchoice.com
> http://www.thenewstribune.com/opinion/othervoices/story/72106.html"
> Nice little piece of propaganda.  I wish op-ed pieces
> wouldn't try to sound like real news articles.  I'm
> sure there's much validity to their opinion, but it's
> put so blindly one-sided and "factual" that it just
> makes me want to gasp "Oh my! If we don't save this
> road, pretty soon ALL the roads will be gone and
> they'll be no place pretty for anyone to go, other
> than those few elite ultra-climbers!  Oh dear!  Darn
> that nasty National Park Service treehuggers!"  A
> well-put op-ed would focus more on the balance between
> preservation and the economic needs of people already
> in residence.
> Oh, i don't know about the shuttle, sorry if i
> hijacked your question.  :) I thought thrus used the
> shuttle last summer, but maybe that was before
> official closure?  It sure sounds closed now.
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