[pct-l] stehekin "choice"

mark v allemande6 at yahoo.com
Tue May 29 16:07:58 CDT 2007

"Found this info via www.stehekinchoice.com


Nice little piece of propaganda.  I wish op-ed pieces
wouldn't try to sound like real news articles.  I'm
sure there's much validity to their opinion, but it's
put so blindly one-sided and "factual" that it just
makes me want to gasp "Oh my! If we don't save this
road, pretty soon ALL the roads will be gone and
they'll be no place pretty for anyone to go, other
than those few elite ultra-climbers!  Oh dear!  Darn
that nasty National Park Service treehuggers!"  A
well-put op-ed would focus more on the balance between
preservation and the economic needs of people already
in residence.

Oh, i don't know about the shuttle, sorry if i
hijacked your question.  :) I thought thrus used the
shuttle last summer, but maybe that was before
official closure?  It sure sounds closed now.

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