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I am wondering if this road closure is the same that was in place in 2006.  The road was closed just beyond the point where thru-hikers would pick-up the bus for the ride into Stehekin.  The bus still travelled between Stehekin and the bridge.  You were unable, however, to take the road up to the campground (High Bridge, I think).

The bigger problem this year in my opinion is that the bridge that spans the river just south of the bus stop was damaged in the floods of 2006 and it is my understanding that thru hikers (north and south alike) will have another significant detour to get across this river crossing.


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> This seems so strange. The road was just fixed in 2005, before I got there. ?Now 
> they close it after it is fixed? 
> This would explain why the Stehekin Ranch closed down, I supposed. 
> If this is all true, it is a sad day, partially for the thru and section hikers 
> who would use the 9 mile bus ride to get resupplied. 
> I guess you could still walk in. That would add about 3 hours of time at 9 
> miles. Wounder what will happen. 
> -LumberJack- 
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> Margarete Hochhut hochhut at web.de 
> Tue May 29 03:37:09 CDT 2007 
> Found this info via www.stehekinchoice.com 
> http://www.thenewstribune.com/opinion/othervoices/story/72106.html 
> Do I understand right: the shuttle bus down to Stehekin is not in service 
> anymore ? 
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