[pct-l] Bus to Stehekin

The Lumber Jack themtgoat at yahoo.com
Tue May 29 15:04:03 CDT 2007

This seems so strange. The road was just fixed in 2005, before I got there. ?Now they close it after it is fixed? 

This would explain why the Stehekin Ranch closed down, I supposed. 
If this is all true, it is a sad day, partially for the thru and section hikers who would use the 9 mile bus ride to get  resupplied. 

I guess you could still walk in. That would add about 3 hours of time at 9 miles.  Wounder what will happen.

PCT 2005

Margarete Hochhut      hochhut at web.de        
     Tue May 29 03:37:09 CDT 2007
Found this info via www.stehekinchoice.com


Do I understand right: the shuttle bus down to Stehekin is not in service anymore ?

Rita, Frankfurt, Germany


Boardwalk for $500? In 2007? Ha! 
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