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Mon May 28 19:39:12 CDT 2007

_Tortoise73 at charter.net_ (mailto:Tortoise73 at charter.net)  writes:  
Switchback, I saw your post over on Postholer where you say you want to  try the Pacer 
Poles?  If you do bite, please let us know how they work out.  Just from 
at the pictures, they may put to much stress on the  wrist.

That crossed my mind too.  I have strong wrists, so I was thinking  they 
might work just fine.  I am going to take my old Leki poles on the Mt.  Humphrey 
expedition this week.  Should be a good experiment.  Looks  like there will be 
three of us on the expedition; MeadowsEd, Can'tQuit and  me.  Of course, I am 
the weak link in the chain as usual.  But they  should be able to carry me or 
roll me off the mountain.  No problem.
Switchback the  Pole

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