[pct-l] thru hiker sightings

Marion Davison mardav at charter.net
Mon May 28 18:50:54 CDT 2007

We hiked a micro segment of Section C  this weekend, just north of 
Mission Springs trail camp.  We encountered three thru hikers.
The first was a young man from Portland with  a tattoo on his right 
upper arm, and black hair, he declined to give his name.  The other two 
were Hermes and Steve.  Hermes is memorable as he hikes in a skirt and 
carries a Martin mandolin.  We did some work on tree removal.  It is hot 
and real dry there.  We found no water on our route so we didn't stay 
long. We didn't get as far as Mission Creek so we can't tell you if its 

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