[pct-l] Yogi and other hikers

Phil Newhouse newhoupa at gmail.com
Mon May 28 08:58:47 CDT 2007

Meadow Ed,

Did you get any "feel" for when the herd might move past Kennedy
Meadows into the High Sierra?


On 5/27/07, ed faubert <edfaubert at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I just came back from a trip out on the PCT.... i first went to Cottonwood Bridge up north of Hwy 138 where i saw Radar and Old Corpus, Fruitcake and nuts and 4 others......Then over to Camron Pass where i saw 3 more hikers.... I ran into Cookie Monster stashing water in the area at dusk..... i slept out under the starts by the road there at Willow springs Road....
>   I was reading some #s and starting may 22 there were 9 hikers signed in, 10 on the 23rd, 8 the 24th, 14 on the 25th then 1 on the 26th, and 1 the 27th....
>   This morning i had Bkfst with Yogi then 2 more showed up for food. I then went over and picked Yogi up and drove her to Mojave where we had lunch.....
>   i stopped in to Mill Creek and saw  Amtrac. Geser and Abacus who i fed lunch to and two more showed up as i was leaving there............
>   Meadow Ed
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