[pct-l] Silva Pole Mate

AsABat asabat at cox.net
Sun May 27 08:45:23 CDT 2007

I really don't see how this would work accurately on the trail. On city
trails where the pole swing is consistent it might work. But on the
trail, my pole swing varies greatly. On flat trail I'm moving fairly
quickly and using my pole every other step. On the steeper uphills I
move my pole every step, and those steps are much smaller. Still, an
interesting product.


> -----Original Message-----
> This is too cool and I am going to  get one before you do.  It is a
> pedometer
> for your hiking pole.  If it  is calibrated right, then it would be
> invaluable for checking distances on the  trail.  See the following
> 1AB9
> -2C54-46BD-A4A5-B7A917EAA327_
> d={E2C01AB9-2C54-46BD-A4A5-B7A917EAA327) }

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